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4 Tips to Find the Perfect Pet Sitter

4 Tips to Find the Perfect Pet Sitter

1. Get references

Get at least three references for potential pet sitters before hiring them to care for your pets. Ask friends, family members, neighbors, and acquaintances who have had their animals cared for by someone else. You may need to call several times to get references. Be sure to ask about each person's experience with the pet sitter.

2. Make sure they understand your expectations

Make sure the pet sitter knows what to expect when he/she arrives at your home. If you don't want them to bring food or water, let them know now so they won't do it. Also make sure they know how often you would like to be contacted and if you prefer text messages instead of phone calls.

3. Check out their background

Before hiring a pet sitter, check out his/her credentials online. Look up any complaints filed against him/her and read reviews written by previous clients. You can even search for their name online to find out more information.

4. Meet in person

Meet in person to ensure that you're comfortable with the person taking care of your pet. Only hire a local pet sitter. Avoid the larger services that exist only as online marketplaces connecting pet owners to randomly, contracted pet sitters; know who is coming to your home!

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